The Embellished Reef

This was my final year project at University and is a celebration of embellishment and how it can stimulate both visually and tactilely.

I worked on textiles that were highly experimental, seeking to discover new and original forms of embellishment, using unusual and modern materials combined with traditional quality fabrics to create novel sensory effects.

Inspiration came from psychedelic art which aims at emulating an altered state of mind. The project focussed on conveying some of the unusual sensory effects achieved in psychedelic art through textile design by using inventive embellishment and mixed media textiles.

A variety of mixed media techniques have been explored, including heat bonding, various dying techniques, hand and machine embroidery, appliqué, laser cutting, sequinning and foiling.  The resulting effects play with light and texture in order to stimulate the senses.

Visual research for the project stemmed from fish and coral. Pattern, texture and colour have been extracted and used to inspire fun, quirky and contemporary designs.

Development and Drawing

Print Design

Paper Screen Print Development-

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Fabric Samples

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